Willis Welding Company Inc. was founded by J.C Willis in 1986. He and his two sons Joe and Mike started a 25 plus year run in the stud welding business. The younger son Mike, took over field operations and became Vice President in 2006 and started planning to expand our 3 man operation , today we have 8 employees and three mobile diesel stud welding units and are able to cover a 6 state area N.C, S.C, T.N, V.A, G.A, K.Y.

Willis Welding Company Inc. is commited to provide quality service in a timely and cost effective manner for any project, big or small.

Our Foundation

Willis Welding Company Inc.

Our Team

Barbara Willis

Vice President


Charlie Ward

Crew Leader


Mike Willis



Jason Rice

Crew Leader


Stud Welding Professionals   |     Maiden, NC

Andrew Willis

Equipment -Safety Manager


Mission Statement